About Ciaran Kavanagh an Irish Canadian Cinematographer/Director of Photography working with Netflix, Amazon, AMC, Paramount, Universal, BBC, Element Pictures. Ciaran is a member of IATSE 669, Canada,GBCT, UK and SIPTU Ireland. Ciaran has worked on Oscar, BAFTA, Cannes and Berlin winning Films. An associate member of the ISC, The Irish Society of Cinematographers.

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Netflix, AMC, AMAZON,NBC,STARZ,Indigo Films,Fidelity Films


IATSE 669,Canada

GBCT, Guild of British Camera Technicians

ISC, Irish Society of Cinematographers


Irish and Canadian

Agent US & Canada Integral Artists Dani Elias +1604 6206001 ext 231

Agent UK & Europe

In.trin.sic rob little - jarek zapora +442074708712

I could tell you what a great international cinematographer I am.

The truth is I’m afflicted with a love of "light and composition".

The story started in Art school and has brought me on an adventure, meeting like-minded scallywags around the globe.

We won’t be be cured !

Searching and fumbling together in the future we will try to master “light and composition”in the service of new stories.

The beauty is we never will master, but that's the affliction and the joy.